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凸凹★T2 [userpic]
#23 - Hiroki's wolfgame.
by 凸凹★T2 (tomosuki)
at November 9th, 2007 (08:27 pm)

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Ryuichi screams as he clings to JaeJoong's arm in fear. Twelve men are standing in the living room of an old mansion. Twelve men, and a corpse sprawled rather unglamourously on the floor area before the fireplace.

Akira walks silently towards the dead body, then leans down to stroke its brown hair tenderly. "Oh Keifu," he chokes at the remains of his bandmate.

Ryo curses to himself in a corner, deliberating what he could possibly have done to deserve this. "This" being the fact that he'd woken up in a strange house with twelve idols from rival companies -- one of them very dead at the moment.

An unexpected ring of laughter issues from one of the twelve, quickly grabbing everyone's attention away from the corpse to one rather delighted Hiroki (from Lead).

"WELCOME, my friends," here he pauses to look at Ryo, "and guest, to my wonderful wolf game. I, Hiroki, am the game master, and [insert explanation of game, yadah, yadah...]. Any questions?"

Ryo's hand shoots up immediately, but is ignored in favour of Keita's snort.

"Yes, Keita?" Hiroki asks politely.

Keita scratches his head. "Let me get this straight: there are, among us, wolves, who will kill a non-wolf every night, and in the morning the rest of us have to vote who we think is a wolf and dispose of him?"

Seeing Hiroki's eager nod, Keita continues, "And the aim of the game is to have more of your teams members remaining at the end, the two teams being 'wolves' and 'non-wolves'?"

"Well done, Keita!" Lead's leader commends him.

Keita beams for about two seconds before Ryuichi slaps the back of his head in rage. "We will not stay and play your perverted game," the long-haired one seethes as he grabs his band mates protectively by the arms, dragging them towards the door, "We are LEAVING."

"I'm afraid I can't let you leave, Ryuichi," Hiroki has the decency to sound slightly apologetic.

"We ARE," Ryuichi snaps as he walks out of the living room and straight for the front door. He screams in pain before running back into the room, jumping and clinging onto Keita in a terrified manner.

Hiroki sighs.

"I tried to tell you, didn't I? You, and really, everyone here is not allowed to leave until the game is over. That's easy to understand, isn't it?"

Shinya stomps angrily towards his leader, "See here, Hiroki. You are stopping this sick game of yours right now or I'll-----"

A clap of thunder sounds before the room is plunged into complete darkness, and Ryuichi screams again.

When the lights return, Hiroki is gone.


Posted by: 凸凹★T2 (tomosuki)
Posted at: November 11th, 2007 09:56 am (UTC)

Shinya grabs his band mate's arm urgently, "Akira, look--"

"Let go of me," Akira whispers icily as he shrugs off Shinya's grip and makes his way to the door. "I'd like to mourn in peace, wolf," he snaps and storms out of the room.

The former sighs as the door shuts and he complies.


"Well this is nice," Akira drawls and raises an eyebrow at the toilet that the three have squashed themselves into for a good wolf discussion.

He shrugs and continues, "Anyway, I think we need to narrow in on the humans with special roles. I'm eliminating Keita for now because he's been sounding like a complete dumbass up to this point."

"Ryohei's tricky. He sounds like he doesn't care but he's incredibly perceptive. This nonchalence of his could very well just be a ploy. Let's keep an eye on him."

"Nishikido Ryo sounds completely human, but I don't think we should kill him because he looks suspicious even when he doesn't do a thing."

"I don't think Shinya has a special role, but he's bright, so he might catch on to us and be able to sway things in his favour. Hopefully we'll be able to eliminate him by vote tonight -- one of you guys have to back me up on this."

"As for after the vote... who do you guys propose we kill?"


Ryohei - 1 [Keita]
ChangMin - 1 [Ryuichi]
Shinya - 1 [Akira]

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