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though your dreams be tossed and blown. [userpic]
#22 - PSYCHO on the LOOSE.
by though your dreams be tossed and blown. (sakaguchinobu)
at November 4th, 2007 (10:18 pm)

current mood: crazy

YooChun reads the scribbly words on the white paper, the others moving about the crowded room not paying any mind to his huddled form on the couch. 

Every move you make...

He takes in a sharp breath and holds it in. 

Every step you take...

Why him? he wonders, fingers trembling and lungs beginning to burn but he reads on.

Every word you say...

"Yo YooChun! Ryohei's got the car ready! You coming?" 

He stumbles back into reality with a loud gasp and looks up to find JaeJoong waiting for him by the door, alone and frowning.

"Er yeah...let's go!" He scrambles to his feet and stuffs the piece of paper back into his bag and walks out with his friend, the scribbly words still echoing in his mind.

I'll be watching you.


Posted by: 凸凹★T2 (tomosuki)
Posted at: November 8th, 2007 09:54 am (UTC)

Swallowing nervously, Ryohei eventually found his voice.

"Calm down. It was probably some trick on the eyes or something," he says in a voice that betrays the fact that he thinks anything but that. He closes his eyes and rests his forehead to the steering wheel as he gestures for someone to get YunHo and JaeJoong back into the car.

There was still quite a distance left before they were saf--- at the beach, he chides himself. It wasn't like they were in any sort of danger. Silly thoughts, really.

And yet he can't help but feel like they're being watched.

Posted by: though your dreams be tossed and blown. (sakaguchinobu)
Posted at: November 9th, 2007 01:19 pm (UTC)
Jae - D:

YooChun hears their voices, feels their concern...but all he sees is her and he buries himself further into the leather seat, trying to pull himself back to where the others are.

"You're not here...you're not here..." his mind repeats over and over and he blinks..she's gone.

Everyone is staring straight at him, even ChangMin with his arm still in his grasp.

"I'm...sorry. I..." he mutters quietly, shaken.

A door opens and Ryuichi climbs in, a dripping JaeJoong following him seconds later. YunHo seats himself rather gruffly in the front and apologizes to everyone on behalf of his nutty bandmates.

"We should get going...ne Ryohei-kun?" ChangMin smiles, a hand over his hyung's.

A moment passes and YooChun risks a glance and gets the air knocked out of him when he catches JaeJoong looking back at him, a smile upon his lips.

"Don't be afraid YooChun-ah...I'll be watching you..."

Posted by: 凸凹★T2 (tomosuki)
Posted at: November 10th, 2007 04:58 am (UTC)

The rest of the trip passes in awkward silence, and the only things moving are Ryohei's hands as they steer the wheel.

However, at the sight of the sandy beach and the flurry of activity upon it, Keita is the first to return to his cheery demeanour and Ryohei has barely stopped the car before the tall singer throws himself out the door and bounds off for the shoreline.

Keita's child-like antics succeed in bringing small smiles to most of their faces. Ryohei too, chuckles like a father watching his son, and helps to unload the picnic stuff with YunHo and Junsu.

Everyone, save Keita who is now belting out a random medley of summer songs as he splashes about in the water, has a hand in bringing the stuff towards the choice sandy spot for their picnic. They do this with smiles on their faces, but they are quiet still.

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