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though your dreams be tossed and blown. [userpic]
#32 - HOSUTO-BU!
by though your dreams be tossed and blown. (sakaguchinobu)
at May 6th, 2008 (12:08 am)

current mood: crappy

"Ho-父さん...you don't really have to follow me in, u-know?"

HaRyuhi sighed and turned to face her wide-eyed father.

"But HaRyu-ちゃん! I..."

With a strong grip on her struggling father's shoulders, HaRyuhi pushed the man out of the high school-gates.

"Go home, get some rest. I'll be fine!"

A yelp, a shrill screech followed and finally all was quiet after a loud crash. HaRyuhi, about to step in through the doors, turned back one last time only to find her father cowering in the shadows of a bespectacled boy.

"Hey!" She yelled and ran all the way back.

"That was a one-of-a-kind paper-weight sir, flown in all the way from Germany. I really don't think you would be able to pay for the damage you've caused. I'm sorry sir, but I'd have to..."


Kyouta watched as the small figure ran towards them.

"GAH! If HaRyu-ちゃん finds me still here...!"

And with a gust of wind, Ho-父さん had disappeared.

Kyouta blinked.


凸凹★T2 [userpic]
#27 - A RyoMassu fic that starts from the end.
by 凸凹★T2 (tomosuki)
at December 26th, 2007 (11:40 pm)

current mood: sick

Ryo glomped a happy Massu. THE END

though your dreams be tossed and blown. [userpic]
#24 - ChangMin's Great Adventure to The Canyon of Ponies
by though your dreams be tossed and blown. (sakaguchinobu)
at November 18th, 2007 (04:27 pm)

current mood: cold

No! I will not let you go!

But you were the one who told me to go get this sorted out!

I was just joking! Tell him Chunnie!


I'll just go see what he looks like and I'll be right back okay?

...you promise? 

Yes, Joongie, I promise.

He blinks his eyes open, slowly,  and is almost blinded by the sharp rays of light shining down upon him. Guess I fell asleep he thinks as he pushes himself up from the ground and looks around, not finding anything familiar about his surroundings. Right. I'm lost...

"You alright there, boy?" a gruff voice startles him out his thoughts and ChangMin turns about, searcing for its source. 


凸凹★T2 [userpic]
#23 - Hiroki's wolfgame.
by 凸凹★T2 (tomosuki)
at November 9th, 2007 (08:27 pm)

current mood: quixotic

Ryuichi screams as he clings to JaeJoong's arm in fear. Twelve men are standing in the living room of an old mansion. Twelve men, and a corpse sprawled rather unglamourously on the floor area before the fireplace.
BEGINCollapse )

though your dreams be tossed and blown. [userpic]
#22 - PSYCHO on the LOOSE.
by though your dreams be tossed and blown. (sakaguchinobu)
at November 4th, 2007 (10:18 pm)

current mood: crazy

YooChun reads the scribbly words on the white paper, the others moving about the crowded room not paying any mind to his huddled form on the couch. 

Every move you make...

He takes in a sharp breath and holds it in. 

Every step you take...

Why him? he wonders, fingers trembling and lungs beginning to burn but he reads on.

Every word you say...

"Yo YooChun! Ryohei's got the car ready! You coming?" 

He stumbles back into reality with a loud gasp and looks up to find JaeJoong waiting for him by the door, alone and frowning.

"Er yeah...let's go!" He scrambles to his feet and stuffs the piece of paper back into his bag and walks out with his friend, the scribbly words still echoing in his mind.

I'll be watching you.

though your dreams be tossed and blown. [userpic]
#21 The based-on-a-picture thread!
by though your dreams be tossed and blown. (sakaguchinobu)
at August 5th, 2007 (08:15 pm)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

 ~ Let the drama unfold! ~

though your dreams be tossed and blown. [userpic]
by though your dreams be tossed and blown. (sakaguchinobu)
at July 10th, 2020 (05:48 pm)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

凸凹★T2 [userpic]
#20 - Hosuto Kurabu batoru
by 凸凹★T2 (tomosuki)
at June 3rd, 2007 (10:25 pm)

Stubby fingers casually flicked a lit cigarette, spraying hot ash on the dusty pavement.

It was late afternoon at the busy street, as crowds of office workers, school girls and boys hurried home. Kamenashi Kazuya smiled as he took a deep puff, watching the human traffic from a side road. Nobody wanted to be around at night fall. Because at night, the wolves would come out to play. Wolves like himself.

"Well, well, well," came a voice accompanied by slow but confident footsteps. "Kamenashi," the voice drawled in disdain.

Kazuya looked up and sneered. "Tachibana," he spat the name out in disgust. "What brings you and your second-grade hosts over to Andalucia?" He smirked, "Need tips on how to run a first-class host club, my friend?"

The men standing with Keita began to curse, moving forward to surround the lone man who had just insulted them.

Kazuya stood his ground.

For reference:Collapse )

though your dreams be tossed and blown. [userpic]
#19- Random.
by though your dreams be tossed and blown. (sakaguchinobu)
at May 28th, 2007 (01:14 am)

Koki burst into the crowded bookstore and grabbed the first book that he could and ran off without paying.

凸凹★T2 [userpic]
#18 - The non-Johnny's thread
by 凸凹★T2 (tomosuki)
at May 27th, 2007 (01:42 am)

No one really ever gave it a thought before, but even idols had their own fandoms too.

Like one Ogata Ryuichi who was bouncing on the sofa next to Keita. With a silly grin on his face. And an AAA DVD in his hands.

Keita sighed.

"We're watching that thing again?" he grumbled as he folded his arms on his chest.

Ryuichi nodded enthusiastically, his eyes shining with a fanboy glint.

The taller one exhaled resignedly. "You know, just because some other AAA fanboy said that watching that DVD three times a day would land AAA in your house one day doesn't mean it's true."

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